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Breaking Fast

DVD, 2021

American Assassin

DVD, 2017

DVD 791.43 AME

American Assassin

Blu-ray Disc, 2017

BluRay 791.43 AME

Answering Jihad

A Better Way Forward

Qureshi, Nabeel
Book, 2016

297.72 QUR

Introduction to the Qur'an

Oliver, Martyn
Book, 2019

297.122 INT

A Muslim Primer

Beginner's Guide to Islam

Zepp, Ira G.
Book, 2000

297 ZEP

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Islam

Emerick, Yahiya

297 EME

Two Sisters

A Father, His Daughters, and Their Journey Into the Syrian Jihad

Seierstad, Åsne
Book, 2018

956.910423 SEI

Like the Moon Loves the Sky

Khan, Hena
Book, 2020

jp KHA

Once Upon An Eid

Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices

Book, 2020


The Proudest Blue

A Story of Hijab and Family

Muhammad, Ibtihaj
Book, 2019

jff MUH

The Kill List

Forsyth, Frederick
Large Print, 2014



A Story of the Last Prophet

Chopra, Deepak
Large Print, 2010



A Short History

Armstrong, Karen
Book, 2000

297 ARM

A History of God

The 4000-year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Armstrong, Karen
Book, 1994

291.211 ARM

In My Mosque

Yuksel, M. O.

jff YUK

The Satanic Verses

A Novel

Rushdie, Salman


The Qur'an

McAuliffe, Jane Dammen
Book, 2020

297.122 MCA

کعبه دلها

kaʻbah-i dilʹhā

SharīʻatÊ£zādah, Ê»Alī AsÌĐghar
Book, 2012

PER 297.8 SHA


City Between Religions

DVD, 2011

DVD 956.9442 JER

The Universality of Islam

Kahtany, Abdallah H.
Book, 2009

297.27 KAH

Women's Rights

A Historical Perspective

Kahtany, Abdallah H.
Book, 2009

297.5 KAH

Seven Wonders of the Muslim World

DVD, 2008

DVD 791.4572 SEV

Islam 101

Principles and Practice

Khan, Arshad
Book, 2006

297 KHA

Islam for the Western Mind

Understanding Muhammad and the Koran

Drummond, Richard Henry
Book, 2005

297 DRU

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