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TitleSubtitleAuthorFormatCall No.
Stasi ChildA Karin Müller ThrillerYoung, DavidAudiobook on MP3 CDTB A YOU
The Woman Who Stole My LifeA NovelKeyes, MarianAudiobook on MP3 CDTB F KEY
The Woman Who Stole My LifeKeyes, MarianBookCD F KEY
The Girl With the Glass BirdKerr, EsmePre-loaded AudiobookDA j KER
The Bone ClocksA NovelMitchell, DavidAudiobook CDCD F MIT
The Bone ClocksA NovelMitchell, DavidAudiobook on MP3 CDTB SF MIT
One Dog and His BoyIbbotson, EvaPre-loaded AudiobookDA j IBB
Muncle TroggFoxley, JanetPre-loaded AudiobookDA j FOX
Six DaysWebb, PhilipPre-loaded AudiobookDA j WEB
Carnival for the DeadHewson, DavidAudiobook CDCD F HEW
Blood FallsBale, TomAudiobook CDCD F BAL
The Day of the LieBrodrick, WilliamAudiobook CDCD F BRO
YouBriscoe, JoannaAudiobook CDCD F BRI
Savage LandsClark, ClareAudiobook CDCD F CLA
A Dance of GhostsBrooks, KevinAudiobook CDCD F BRO
A Cupboard Full of CoatsEdwards, YvvetteAudiobook CDCD F EDW
The StripSalem, JonAudiobook CDCD F SAL
The Dogs of RomeFitzgerald, ConorAudiobook CDCD F FIT
The Sacred Stone[an Historical Mystery]Medieval MurderersAudiobook CDCD F MED
Why Does E=mcp2s?(and Why Should We Care?)Cox, BrianAudiobook CDCD 530.11 COX
Thirteen HoursMeyer, DeonAudiobook CDCD F MEY
Dr. YesBateman, ColinAudiobook CDCD F BAT
The Child InsideBugler, SuzanneAudiobook CDCD F BUG
Mao's Great Famine[the History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-62]Dikötter, FrankAudiobook CDCD 951.055 DIK
The Happy Home for Broken HeartsColeman, RowanAudiobook CDCD F COL
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