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marieloudavril added a title to their For later shelf Apr 04 2021

Prison Break

DVD - 2017
Although he was buried seven years ago, pictures from a Yemen prison reveal that Michael Scofield may still be alive. Determined to rescue his brother, Lincoln enlists C-Note's help. Meanwhile, Michael's wife Sara has remarried. And even if this...
marieloudavril added a title to their For later shelf Jan 21 2019
Increasingly astronomers recognize that if the cosmos had not unfolded exactly as it did, humanity would not, could not, exist. Yet these researchers--along with countless ordinary folks--resist belief in the biblical Creator. Why? They say a...
marieloudavril made a comment Jul 14 2018

The ninth day

DVD - 2005
"Great movie. A priest confronted with his faith, fear , family and loved ones to save them from hardship, troubles and death. He has only nine day to find a way of this ordeal....... A thriller which is filled with high emotions, sufferings and he..." Permalink
marieloudavril made a comment Jun 26 2018

The Exception

DVD - 2017
"I like this spy movie very much, with intriguing romance and love story. I love the choice of the end of the movie regarding any spy..... Christopher Plummer performed an excellent acting. a Movie worthwhile to watch." Permalink
marieloudavril made a comment Jun 25 2018

Trois couleurs

DVD - 2003
"This is an extraordinary movie, with deep emotions of grief, betrayal, lost, and great acting of Juliette Binoche. Not a lot of dialogue but a moving story. worthwhile to watch." Permalink
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