Rabbit Foot Bill
Rabbit Foot Bill A Novel By Humphreys, Helen Book - 2020 | First edition

Quite a quick, approachable read looking at the ravages of PTSD before it was called that. Set in Saskatchewan after WWII in the large Provincial mental institution in Weyburn, we follow the plight of a young doctor as he finds himself unsuited for the job. ( I found myself rather annoyed at him for his lack of assistance to both his mother, and Bill of the title.) I actually worked at the hospital shortly after this period during summer breaks from Uni. The size and extent of the hospital are truly portrayed. The jobs provided for patients in the gardens and dairy farm were a great option, providing all the food for the hospital. Ageing patients could set up their own garden plots and sell produce to people of the town, thereby earning some money, and still be in a familial protected living situation. Perhaps a system that could be revisited today, rather than turning them out on the mean streets.

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