Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids By McCloud, Carol Book - 2006

SUMMARY: This book teaches kids the concept taught through the adult book "How Full is Your Bucket?" This concept teaches us that we all have invisible buckets that carry our happy thoughts and good feelings. We can fill that bucket by being kind and helpful to others and others can fill our buckets in the same manner in return.

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations have a vintage 60s or early 70s "School House Rock" look to them. Unfortunately, the pictures are not very appealing for kids which takes away some of the interest value. What you see on the cover is what you will see throughout the book. I do, however, give this book an A+ for representing a wide variety of kids from different cultures and abilities.

THE GOOD: Bucket filling is a great concept. This book does a good job of explaining, in simple language, how you can fill others' buckets and how they can fill yours. This would be a good springboard book to use in the classroom.
THE NOT AS GOOD: Besides the unappealing illustrations, there is one major flaw in this book. And that is the fact that it never talks about how you can fill your own bucket. Yes, I understand this book was intended to teach us how our actions affect others, but the book makes it feel like we are dependent on others for happiness which is definitely not true. I just finished reviewing a kids book about happiness and the very first page starts with this quote: "The secret to happiness is to start by doing things that make you happy." There is still much good in this book, but this major flaw means you would have to add to the discussion on your own.


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