The Hard Thing About Hard Things
The Hard Thing About Hard Things Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answers By Horowitz, Ben Book - 2014 | First edition

The first 10% or so of The Hard Thing About Hard Things is Ben Horowitz's abridged autobiography. It's a humanizing and necessary setup for the pragmatic advice that follows. If you're hoping for more of his personal narrative throughout the rest of the book, i.e. the life of a CEO of a young company and having to constantly address challenges and make difficult choices, there's a little bit of that but you'll likely be bored a third of the way in. However, if you're eager to get into the thick of the actual 'hard stuff,' the Q&A of problem and their solutions, I promise you will find plenty of that and more.

There's plenty of useful advice here. It's certainly much more useful if you're a CEO or planning on becoming one. The further down the work hierarchy you go, the less relevant it is.

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