The Shifts and the Shocks
The Shifts and the Shocks What We've Learned-- and Have Still to Learn-- From the Financial Crisis By Wolf, Martin Book - 2014

This guy is a financial twerker; he is twerking economics and global finance to the max - - totally obscene! What a crock - - with blurbs from Larry Summers and Ben Bernanke, of course! This author does mention, in a rather lengthy book, several accurate items, but glosses over them to almost trivialize them! His definition of the Credit Default Swap is incredibly nebulous. [Akin to being asked for a detailed descripton of an auto; internal combusion engine, drive train, braking system, et cetera, and the person responds, Metal that moves!] Sheesh! He writes that that econ grad students Thomas Herndon et al. /// argue that the paper [austerity paper by Rogoff and Reinhart, Harvard-tards] contained a coding error \\\ actually, they pointed out blatant errors which completely nullified Rogoff and Reinhart's pathetic, grade-school level paper! Will you be more confused or more enlightened after reading this book? More, much more confused. [His basic premise is that these financial fraud tools were MISUNDERSTOOD, and it is just a coincidence that the super-rich who did all the misunderstanding walked away with all the profits while forcing, or attempting to force, austerity on the rest of us!] Wolf was completely caught by surprise by the global meltdown, something a group I was with predicted back in 2000.

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