The Good Lie
The Good Lie DVD - 2014 | Widescreen

Reese Witherspoon as the somewhat jaded employment agency executive becomes involved with 3 refugees from the south Sudan. This movie reinforces my belief that people born in Canada won the birth lottery, through no action of our own. Reese's initial frustration with the lack of savvy these immigrants display gradually gives way to grudging respect and then something more ... commitment to other humans. It avoids being a syrupy movie as this is not about a noble white person emotionally opening to immigrants. The characters of the refugees are all different and as they integrate into the community they elicit responses that are probably pretty common to refugees and other immigrants. Responses that do not always reflect well on those of us born here. It is about survival but not physical prowess rather emotional and mental survival. It should also be noted that as we have increasing numbers of environmental refugees it is a movie that might help us understand what our culture looks like to people for very different ways of life.
We enjoyed it immensely.

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