The Myth of the Muslim Tide

The Myth of the Muslim Tide

Do Immigrants Threaten the West?

Book - 2012
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Argues against concerns that an increase in Islamic immigration is threatening basic Western values, demonstrating how prejudice against Islam echoes earlier responses to immigrant groups, in a report that also outlines recommendations for Islamic integration.
Publisher: New York : Vintage Books, 2012
Edition: 1st Vintage Books ed
ISBN: 9780307362070
Branch Call Number: 305.697 SAU NVD
Characteristics: 199 p. ; 21 cm


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Apr 23, 2018

A concise, engaging read that counters Islamophobia by showing how Muslims have adapted and thrived as immigrants in the Western world and how the same migrations (causing the same public hysteria) have happened before with other groups. While the specific goal in the book is to counter the "Muslim Tide" fear mongering, I think there is a more universal message in it about how culture is much more complicated than religion; people often identify with their country first, and the doctrines of their religion are often less important than local customs and influences.

While I trust the statistics that Saunders uses to make his arguments, I do agree with critics of the book that his method is a bit "breezy" in that he uses sources which back up his case and glosses over some of the big issues connected with Islam. Still, he is not an apologist and isn't afraid to say he has his own concerns, but the book is still valuable as a counterweight to simplistic fear-mongering which lumps all Islamic countries together and ignores the realities of politics, history, and immigration.

Apr 11, 2018

Actually it's not a very good book though I do recommend that anyone who wants to learn about Islam and Muslims should read it. Factually there was little if anyt facts presented and more about denigrating the authors who the author claims are Right-Wing-Islamophobes. In most of his writing he says something is true without actually giving any factual evidence to support his stance.
These days I get disgruntled with a lot of readers who have no ability to understand a fact from hearsay, cheap innuendos, allegations, insinuations and accusations. Liberalism has pretty much killed debate and what takes for political literature in the Western World. The facts that the author missed that the Muslim Tide is of real affect is within the Qur'an the itself. If you haven't read the Qur'an you should do so. Another is the fact of a find by the FBI that was left to dust for more than a decade. This was the Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto on "How to Take Over the West Without Violence," which laid the groundwork for groups like CAIR and ISNA. Of course the author denigrated those who took the time to actually find evidence of the Hijra and what the Hijra was intended for. Now saying all that not every Muslim is here to take over. But, I'll give you one fact about a former Swedish Immigration Minister using his own words, "We should be so nice to them [Muslims], for when they take over they should be so nice to us." So, even if Muslims aren't here to take over, then why should western politicians actually state that very same belief that they will and are?
You don't have to believe me. Do your own research and find the answers for yourself, don't let other people do it for you.

Oct 01, 2016

A well conceived and written book. This short book refutes many of the fear mongering missives directed at Muslim immigration and that many of the same claims have been used in the recent past to describe Catholics and Jewish immigration to Western countries. However the author is a little to dismissive of political Islam. Well worth reading.

Apr 13, 2016

The basic argument is that other immigrants in the past have been demonized so Muslim immigration will turn out likewise to have been just xenophobia. Saunders doesn't look at Islamic doctrine. And he hasn't looked much at history. Even comparing to Irish bombers has its limits though. The IRA had more limited goals (no world Caliphate). And the Koran specifically tells Muslims not to integrate: keep separate from the non-Muslims.

Sep 26, 2015

Mr. Doug Saunders has written a primer outlining and criticizing the myths pertaining to Muslim immigrants. His informative, precise and penetrating arguments can be summarized as follows " the larger threat comes not from immigrants themselves , but from Our response to them." It cannot be said any better than that!

Feb 08, 2015

Actually a good book. Well argued. However, I take issue with some of the arguments and conclusions. For example, Saunders breezily dismisses some of the muslim tide argument by mischaracterizing their arguments. For example, he slaps away Geert Wilders statement on the meaning of muslim emigration by saying there is no such argument in the quran. Wilders is in fact correct because emigration was defined in the hadith. Saunders also makes a moral equivalence argument stating that all faiths have similarly violent doctrine. Unfortunately, that is unsupportable. Evidently Saunders has not read the hadith, particularly the books on jihad and booty, let alone all the random statements on sexual slavery and a variety of other atrocities sprinkled throughout. Saunders seems to rely on a Disney version of the quran to support his arguments. Regarding the tide itself, one can easily make a good argument counter to Saunders. Even though his polls show reasonably good assimilation of muslims in the West, they are not assimilating quite as well as other waves of immigrants did. There are polls he did not cite that show much more backwards views amongst Western muslims than those he used. Further, Saunders argues that the waves of muslim inspired terrorism are less about the religion than about a new form of anti-imperialism, capitalism etc. Reasonable people can disagree. One has to ask why so many people with psychopathic tendencies are drawn to islam as a justification for their proclivities. Perhaps it is more reasonable to argue that what is happening with terrorism in the West is merely spillover from the more frequent and widespread carnage in the middle east - frankly at least significantly due to islamic beliefs. In sum, given what happens when islam goes wrong, why should the West be OK with the wave of muslim immigration? Lets remember, Saunders could just as likely be wrong about his projections. Still, a good read.

Apr 27, 2013

I found the facts presented in this book very refreshing. I would recommend it.

loblollyrosa Nov 07, 2012

Highly recommended.


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leah_p May 01, 2015

We see it repeatedly when a new group of immigrants arrives who are members of a religious minority, usually poor and ill-accustomed to the language and folkways of their new country and the workings of its economy. In response to these strange newcomers writers and politicians offer the same set of frightened, frightening ideas: They are different from previous groups. They don’t want to integrate. Their religion compels them to impose their values on us. Their reproduction rates will swamp us. They are disloyal and capable of violence... That said, the circumstances and context of each immigrant wave are profoundly different, and the outcome will never be exactly the same. But we should learn to recognize the pattern and to remember the long, awkward struggle for integration endured by those earlier waves, to identify the arguments that appear every time in literature, scholarship and politics, and then take care to make sure that we don’t repeat those mistakes.

leah_p May 01, 2015

The arrival of millions of people from poor religious-minority backgrounds in Western countries was a traumatic, politically controversial, sometimes violent affair... We forget that the sons of arrivals from Poland and Ireland failed to do better economically than their fathers, were often more religiously extreme, and refused to marry outside their ethnic circle. We forget that this was considered a threat to our democracy and civilization. We forget that it was nearly universal to see these people as members of an alien civilization, to distrust them because of the presume motives of their religion, to associate them with violence, to believe that they were deliberately refusing to integrate and that there was plenty of evidence to support such views. The integration of Catholic and Jewish immigrants into our economies and societies took far longer than we remember. To avoid the mistakes of hindsight, we should take the time to remember.

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